Algorithms are an essential part of computer science because they can be studied and understood in a machine-independent manner. As a developer, understanding how to analyse algorithms is just as important as writing the algorithms and as Steve Yegge, “[Get that job at Google]” aptly puts it:

Algorithm Complexity: you need to know Big-O. It’s a must. If you struggle with basic big-O complexity analysis, then you are almost guaranteed not to get hired.

What is Big-Oh analysis in Computer Science?

As part of my challenge to become better at coding interviews, today I learned the two-pointer technique. This algorithm uses two different pointers to solve a problem involving indices with the benefit of saving space and time.

In Computer Science, a pointer is a reference to an object.

When to use it

There are many approaches to solving these problems and some might be iterating through the entire array one or more times depending on the way we implement code.

We may even need to implement…

If you are developing a Rails application you may want to add styles to make it more visually appealing. One way to do this is to use Bootstrap, an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework that makes it easier to make responsive and mobile-friendly web projects. You may incorporate Bootstrap’s layout principles and components into your Rails application to make user interactions with your site more engaging by using it in a Rails project.

To add Bootstrap 5 to your application;

Navigate to your terminal and run the following command yarn add bootstrap@next jquery @popperjs/core

You should see the following output…

Emmet from the official website is defined as a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow. Consistent practice using emmet can greatly improve your productivity. An example is creating a list in HTML, the default way is to type out everything line by line like

<ul class='list'> <li>List-Item-1</li> <li>List-Item-2</li> <li>List-Item-3</li> </ul>

But using emmet ul.list>li{List-Item-$}*3 is enough to give the same output.

Let’s move to install emmet to your programming environment.


CSS is quite a challenge. If you are a web developer you have probably come to this conclusion at some point in your career, and if you are new to web development, then brace yourself. But this is not an article that goes on about the horrors of CSS, that topic probably requires two articles.

As a newbie web developer, you may be overwhelmed by the new information you are taking in and most likely you will make some cool websites but still be making some mistakes in how you write or structure your CSS code.

Without any more delay…

Mindo Ndirangu

Software Developer. Lover of books and fun activities. Funny man at times.

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